November 2023


During growth, transformation occurs. And ultimately, the process reaches a point after which the object ceases to be what it was before. Bitcoin was founded on certain core values, but as the number of users continues to grow, that is why it is compulsory to find a crypto mixer to protect your transactions. 

What is cryptocurrency secured by?

Virtual money has its security, although there is no physical equivalent. To create a cryptocurrency, you don’t need tons of paper, designers, printing presses, and gold reserves in bank basements. “Coins” appear as a result of highly accurate mathematical calculations.

Cryptocurrency data is stored on many computers at once – as torrent files. For mining, in most cases, blockchain technology, proposed in 2008 by programmer and web developer Satoshi Nakamoto, is used. The methodology is based on the concept of blockchains. Thus, no cryptocurrency is backed by other currencies or tangible assets. Its functioning is based exclusively on the mutual trust of people who decided to become participants in the created system.

What are cryptocurrency mixers, and how do they work?

Almost all exchanges require personal information from users and verify it; every transaction is recorded by the blockchain, which is also transparent and open to everyone. So anyone can view your transaction history. A great example of this is the report that got to the press in which the US and the Security Agency tried to track every cryptocurrency user and analyze their transfers.

YoMix mixer is a service designed for anonymization to make anonymous cryptocurrency, with the help of which you can prohibit the tracking of your transactions in the Bitcoin network. It is an application or site that accepts user’s coins and mixes them with other people’s coins. This service is one of the most reliable in the world and offers several functions at once.